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Workflow delayed execution question



In an attempt to work around the current issue with WFA regarding its inability to update its internal cache regarding changes from non-certified commands, we have attempted to use the executionDateAndTime element in our API calls to workflows.  However, what we've found is that the workflow is still failing immediately, implying that although we have set a future execution time (with the expectation that the delay is enough time for the array changes to propagate via OnCommand as a data source) WFA is immediately evaluating the objects within the workflow and failing because it doesn't yet know about the changes we made with a previous workflow.

Can someone confirm if this is the case?  If so, is there any way to make the workflow wait to evaluate the changes until the stated execution time?  Thank you.



Re: Workflow delayed execution question


Hi Dave,

     Any Workflow run has two phases, namely planning and execution. Irrespective of Execute Immediately or Later, the planning always happens immediately, its only the execution of the planned activity can be run either immediately or later.

So what you are seeing is the expected behavior. Pls wait for a some more time, once WFA 3.0 is released, you will have the ability to include reservation in custom commands as well.

This will solve your problem.



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