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Workflow for AFF


Hello Guys,


I was looking for an option to be able to have a workflow for All Flash FAS system.

We do have a Flash Pool and AFF within the same cluster group, now the challange is to be able to select the SSD or Hybrid Storage Array from a Workflow.


My Thoughts are:

- Have a Dedicated Resource pool from OnCommand Unified Manager (one for Hybrid Array and one for SSD Array), that would make easy selection for storage array.

- If I only have one Resource Pool from OnCommand Unified Manager, then the situation becomes little tricky, because then I have give a choice to user to select the Storage Type "SSD" or "Hybrid".


With the Second choice, I find it little tryciky because the powershell do show two type of RaidType "Normal" & "Hybrid". a Normal RaidType could be a simple SAS aggr as well.


Any Suggestation how possibily i can have a Workflow with second option where i only have one Resource Pool.

or if we have some workflow templates already created and published?






Re: Workflow for AFF


I believe you are looking at some way of resource pooling your AFF. There is a SLO pack in automation store, which provides framework for managing your service levels. I am recommending aggregate mapping feature available with this Pack as one of the possible solution. You can create a new service called "AFF" and map aggregates from specific cluster into this service. Now we provide 2 workflows for creating a volume/LUN using this service level. This is just FYI. Refer document attached with the workflows in this pack to analyze if this can work for you.


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