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Workflow needed for C-mode upgrade


Has anyone developed a workflow that would move all volume off of a given controller in a cluster? 

My goal is to evacuate a node in a cluster so that all workloads are moved off of it so it is sort of in "maintenance mode" similar to doing the same on an ESX server.  This way that node can be rebooted, hardware maintenance, etc without affecting running workloads and we don't want to go through storage failover/giveback. 

Has anyone tried something like this?


Jeff Asher


Re: Workflow needed for C-mode upgrade



Are you looking for volume move workflow, which moves volume within cluster?



Re: Workflow needed for C-mode upgrade


Hi Jeff,

I have not done this specifically, but I think two workflows I've posted could be combined to do something this.

  1. Workflow Example: vol move - c-mode - pretty self explanatory.  This workflow moves a volume to another aggregate in the c-mode cluster... but is not node specifc
  2. Workflow Example: (C-mode) Remove a vServer and it's volumes - This workflow uses looping.  it identifies all of the volumes in a vServer, and then performs the actions to unmount, offline, then destroy them... and then eventually remove the vServer. 

With the looping of the "remove" workflow, and the action moving the volume in the "vol move" workflow, I think those would work well for you.

Is this the sort of thing you were looking for?



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