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Workflow to create a CIFS and/or NFS Vserver


I put together a workflow to create a new Vserver with CIFS and/or NFS enabled.  This required creating a couple extra commands to create unix users and groups, set the default unix user for cifs, and setup user mapping.  I just wanted to share and get some feedback if there are some better ways to do some of these things.

A couple of other notes, this prompts for almost all inputs but does make a few assumptions, for the root volume it is <vserver name>_root and for the name switching it is set to use file.  Also I have not resolved a method for unlocking and setting a password for the vsadmin account but will in the future.  Also I have separate interfaces created for NFS, CIFS, and Management, but you could tweak to setup the number of interfaces you want.

For the commands I created I used the Invoke-NcSsh powershell commandlet as commandlets did not exist for what I wanted to do and as far as I could tell doing it via perl was not an option either.  The Invoke-NcSsh commandlet included with WFA threw an error so I replaced the powershell commandlets provided with WFA with the latest ones available and then it worked fine

Thank you.

WFA Version -



Nice workflow!  I am tweaking this for my lab.  How about only showing "data" ports in the drop-down, rather than all ports?  A slight change I made to mine.


if we add

"and p.role = 'Data' "

to the query used in this workflow for getting port, we will be able to achieve that.

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