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Workflows/Filters timing out when reservations enabled


I have a production environment where workflow planning, input field query population and filter test execution often timeout when "Use reservation data in test" (for Filters) or "Consider reserved element" (for Workflows) are selected. Error for filter/API is "Temporary timeout failure, please retry", for workflow query population the error is around a specific field, saying "Server is busy calculating user input 'field' values. Would you like to continue calculation?" (Yes/No).


Interestingly, even though there are no reservations currently present in the environment, if reservations are not used then the operation completes quickly. If they are used then the operations are usually (but not always) slow, and the mysql process jumps to use a whole CPU for a couple of minutes (system in this case is 8-core).


Having enabled mysql logging (very verbose!) the only difference in the SQL is the presence of a 'rollback' statement after running the filter query, so it looks like this is a mysql transaction rollback type issue (even though the transaction in this case has been read-only, so rollback should be easy).


Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas? Anything we can do to mysql to make it happy again?


[WFA 2.2, with custom commands, datasources, workflows, all working fine for most of a year]






Was any mysql configuration changed after install ? It would be difficult to say what is wrong without looking at the mysql server so I think it would be good to open a case. You could also use mysql commands "show processlist" to find out which threads are running when this issues happens.  The mysql command "status" displays the number of slow queries. These commands can be run thought the mysql command line tool which is available in the directory \WFA\tools\mysql\bin and can be accessed using user name wfa, password Wfa123