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cDOT - Shelf Power Failure event (OCUM)


Hello Guys,


We seems to have some issues with cDOT event Monitoring from OnCommand Unified Manager version 6.3.

I have noticed that ocumEvtShelfPowerSupplyFailed is not getting trigerred via SNMP, however, we do get the email for this particular event.


this is bit strange behaviour, because i see that other events are getting trigerred via SNMP but we dont see the ocumEvtShelfPowerSupplyFailed event is not getting through SNMP.


Alert Configuration:


ID: 3001
Alert: temp
Event Severities: Warning, Error and Critical
Event Names: Disk Shelf Fans Failed
Event Class:
Time From:
Time To:
Repeat Interval:
Email Recipients:
Email Addresses:
Send SNMP Trap: true
Status: Enabled


Anyone noticed this behaviour?




Re: cDOT - Shelf Power Failure event (OCUM)




OCUM never uses SNMP for monitorings.


It uses ONTAP APIs to get data from CDOT clusters, processes the data and raises events based on the outcome of the analysis.



Re: cDOT - Shelf Power Failure event (OCUM)




I can see the event is showing up in OCUM and i also get the email.

but when it comes to OCUM to forward an SNMP trap to Netcool, it is not sending Shelf power failure event.

I can see other events are getting forwarded from OCUM to Netcool via SNMP.


so its only with Shelf Power failure!



Re: cDOT - Shelf Power Failure event (OCUM)

it seems a OCUM bug, a internal bug is investigating
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