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conditional user input not working right


WFA version 2.2 RC1

All, I have an enum  user input named protocol with the following values:  CIFS, NFS, Both.

I then have a subsequent field I only want enabled if protocol = CIFS or Both.

However, if I use CIFS,Both for the protocol field conditional value, the field is only enabled when CIFS is selected, and not both.  If I make the conditional value CIFS only, the new field is greyed out.

Is there some special syntax we need to use to enable this functionality? Can someone point me to an example workflow where conditional user inputs work?

Thanks  Steve

screenshot attached


Re: conditional user input not working right


Hi stephen2,

The conditional input seems to work for me. From your screeenshot, i suspect there is a space between the comma and 'Both',

Can you please verify. attached is the screenshot where the conditional input is working on my machine.

user input protocol -> ENUM -> NFS,CIFS,Both

user input cifs -> String -> depends on protocol -> allowed values -> CIFS,Both



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