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confirmation box on deletion volume


Hi All,

We would like the user to confirm the correct volume before we actually delete the volume.

Now the volume is just deleted without a notice like are you sure you want to delete this volume.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how.




Re: confirmation box on deletion volume


Hi Diana,

You can make an input field where a user must type YES or type the name of the volume (perhaps after they selected the same from a drop down for example) as confirmation.  You could also have the delete not actually delete but remove shares and then rename the volume to something like "deleted_20140313_volname".  Then have another workflow that is run periodically that finds these "to-be" deleted volumes and actually deletes all volumes that are older than X days.  A colleague of mine did this 2nd technique recently for a customer.

Chris Madden
Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA

Re: confirmation box on deletion volume



      If confirmation before command execution is what you are looking for, why don't you use the WFA's Approval point feature. It will do exactly what to you require.

Example: You can add an Approval Point before this "Delete Volume" command

Provide a Approval Comment like "The volume being deleted is: "+ $VolumeName

Upon Execution, this Approval point comment will be available to the user at Execution Status . Now he/she will have choice to Approve and Proceed with execution or Reject and Abort.

I think WFA developer's Guide will have details about using Approval Points in workflows.

If not, send me a mail at sinhaa at netapp dot com and I'll guide you how to use it. Its easy.

warm regards,


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