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dfm perf data retrieve command brings back some invalid dates



I have a customer using the "dfm pert data retrieve" CLI command to retrieve data for reporting purposes. We built a custom view with all the counters and it appeared to work very well. The customer then noticed that certain data in the output file had invalid year values in the dates. Customer notes that this comes and goes - one run will be fine, another will have bad dates.

Example provided by the customer:

Much of the data is as expected (example):

Timestamp       filerc1:cifs:cifs_ops

2013-08-02 13:39:55     604.483

2013-08-02 14:39:55     818.833

2013-08-02 15:39:55     3882.233

2013-08-02 16:39:55     1991.617

2013-08-02 17:39:55     2048.417

Several of the records from the query seem to have invalid Years in the Timestamp (example):

Timestamp       filerc2:cifs:cifs_ops

4442344-06-15 05:40:20  2436.533

4442344-06-15 06:40:20  1761.883

4442344-06-15 07:40:20  2429.467

4442344-06-15 08:40:20  1271.767

Question: Has anyone encountered this before, or is aware of a bug report on this error? I can't seem to find one. Not sure if this is a database error or a formatting error.

Phil Bachman



Phil -

If you export from PA directly, what do you see?



Haven't tried that. We're using the view export functionality because it let's me use a single command to export all the counters from the view.


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