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dfmpurge wants services stopped



My DFM installation is constantly getting slower and slower so I wanted to run the dfmpurge utility to clean the database.

Unfortunately whenever I run it in purge mode it tells me that not all DFM services are stopped even if I have stopped them. (screenshot)

I have the version of the tool which is the correct one.

Here are the stats of the server:

The server is vmware virtual machine and the E: drive hosting the DFM installation and database is an iSCSI lun so I have also snapdrive installed.

Does anyone have an idea how to get the dfmpurge tool working?




     Looking at your screenshots everything looks fine. Can you see if any dfm services are running using task manager and kill them if any ?

Let me download the 5.1 64bit windows version and see if there is any problem with the binary.



Hi Adai,

There are only the process for the database and the two snapdrive processes running.


BTW I did try and was able to successfully purge.

Following are my details.

Purge.exe copied @ C:\Program Files\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\bin

C:\>dfm about | more

Version                 (5.1)

Executable Type                  64-bit

Serial Number                    1-50-015225

Edition                          Standard edition of DataFabric Manager server

Data ONTAP Operating Mode        7-Mode

Administrator Name               WIN208-139\Administrator

Host Name                       

Host IP Address        

Host Full Name                  

Node limit                       250 (currently managing 31)

Operating System                 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2  (Build 7600) x64 based

CPU Count                        12

System Memory                    98294 MB (load: 5%)

Installation Directory           C:/Program Files/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM

                                 147 GB free (52.5%)

Can you use the binary from the following link and try out ?



Hi Adai,

This is exactly the file I have already downloaded.

I have tested it again but unfortunately no difference.


     I used the same file and was able to purge running on the version that I pasted above. I suggest you open a case with netapp support.



ok I will do so, Thanks!


     Let me try out the same and get back to you ASAP.



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