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encountered malformed identifier due to storport bug ?


In Balance (v4.1.1.1) -- I'm getting a Discovery Collection error for a Windows Server 2003 R2 Std 32bit server: "encountered malformed identifier due to storport bug" ?

I've searched the Internet and cannot find any instances of this error.

It "seems" like it might be similar to other errors that we've been fixing about needing Microsoft KB932370:

but this does 'not' seem to be the case.

Anyone know what "encountered malformed identifier due to storport bug" means and how to resolve? Is this a Windows thing? Or just a WMI/SNMP Balance collection thing?




I think I may be on to something. I did a little digging and 'storport.sys' is at v5.2.3790.4173 which looks to be correct for a Win2003 R2SP2 x86 system.

However --- I checked the Dell PERC 6/i firmware/software and it's currently at v6.0.1-0080 (11/20/2007). It says the minimum should be 6.2.0-0012 (04/28/2009) and the latest is v6.3.3.0002 (05/17/2013).

Since we're not at the minimum firmware version -- it has a yellow alert in the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator page.

I'm going see if we can get the FW/SW up to date and/or P2V this old server to a VM to get rid of these hardware dependencies and issues. This should make the Balance alert go away too.

P.S: It looks like Microsoft KB943545 helps too.