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high availability for WFA

NetApp Alumni

hello folks

as WFA becomes more integral to customer environments, there is an increased need to have high availability solutions available.

have people implemented any HA versions of WFA + OnCommand Unified Manager ?

there is the simple answer of making the underlying platform (OS, VM) highly-available

there is also the more sophisticated approach of making the WFA application distributed with an HA database back end, somehow.

what's been most effective?  any ideas or pitfalls?


Re: high availability for WFA


Hi Peter,

I haven't seen any WFA deployment yet that wasn't a virtual machine. This gives us automatic HA through VMware HA. I believe that's good enough and don't see a lot of benefit in HA capabilities of WFA itself.

Same for OnCommand, most deployments these days are not on physical servers and most customers rely on VMWare HA.

At least that's my experience, would be interested in hearing what others see in the field.



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