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how can we change snapshot policy on an existing volume


Anyone know how to do this? I don't see a -snapshotpolicy field in update-ncvol

I tried using a template, but the object returned does not have an volumesnapshotattributes object.

I also tried $cmd2 = "volume modify -vserver $svm -volume $volname -snapshot-policy none -confirm $false"
 invoke-ncssh $cmd2


I need to change snapshot policies on a volume, but I can't figure this one out



Hello Stephen,


I'm pretty sure I saw something written by Steven Beam somewhere which I used, but can't remember where.

Anyway, this is an extract of one of my WFA commands which should indicate how it works:


$VOLquery = Get-NcVol -Template
Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $VOLquery -Name VolumeIdAttributes

$VOLquery.VolumeIdAttributes.OwningVserverName = $VserverName


$VOLattrs = Get-NcVol -Template
Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $VOLattrs -Name VolumeSnapshotAttributes


$VOLquery.VolumeIdAttributes.Name = $VolName
$VOLattrs.VolumeSnapshotAttributes.SnapshotPolicy = $SnapshotPolicy

Update-NcVol -Query $VOLquery -Attributes $VOLattrs


Hope it helps.




Thanks - just what I needed

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