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how to analyze autosupport ?


Hello All,I am very new to Netapp .  I have the autosupports from NetApp filers.How do I analyze it to find the CIFS data information , the share info. , filer capacity details , and the rest . I want it in excel format .

Appreciate if someone can tell me the process.



Hello Deepak,

I guess you could also check the MyAutosupport site to get autosupport information in a more organized manner.

From there you can even extract an html file with all the information from the Autosupports that NetApp is receiving from your system.

Kind regards,

Pedro Rocha.


Send or upload the perfstats zip files to netapp and netapp will use a program called (LATEX or LATX) to parse and provides you the analysis.

If you really have performance issues, obviously hire the professional services engineer to analyze and define the bottlenecks to you.

thank you



Hi Deepak,

You as a Storage Admin won't be analyzing autosupport as it is too cumbersome. NetApp support actually analyzes it using internal tools that will parse the required data in a more readable manner. If you want to troubleshoot CIFS data info, you have to use different commands related to CIFS.

Best Regards,


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