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importing snapmirror relationship in OCUM6


Hi all,


I don't see an opton to import a snapmirror relationship in OCUM 6.3. Do I need WFA in order to do this even if I don't want to create protection relationships?




Re: importing snapmirror relationship in OCUM6


Hi Frank,


you don't need WFA in order for OCUM to monitor data protection releationships - both SnapMirror and SnapVault.

In fact you don't even need to "import" a relationship as you would have done with Protection Manager fpr 7mode in order to be able to monitor and manage it.

Once OCUM discoveres a new relationship for a volume during its regular polling, it will show its status in the "protection" tab of that volume:


Volume - Prection Tab


You only need WFA in order to actively manage data protection in OCUM6, which is

- create SM/SV relationships, including provisioning of secondary storage

- break, abort, resume, update,... the relationship

- restore whole volume or singles file(s) and/or folder(s)



So if in your case OCUM does not show the data protection relationship after its next pollong interval (usually 15 minutes), then double check if OCUM can successfully poll data from both, the source and destination clusters.


Kind regards, Niels



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Re: importing snapmirror relationship in OCUM6


Thanks, Neils. It seems that it is working today for some reason. It was not a new relationship so it should have been there. I noticed that it does need both source and destination to discover the relationship for other missing relationships that I had.

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