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is it possible to prefill execution comments?



my customer wants automaticly add data to the "execution comments"

e.g. when creating a new databaselayout, that the ticketnumber and the database SID is placed in the exectuon comment. So its easier to find a already executed workflow.

see screenshot how it should automatically filled in.

Best wishes,




Hello Markus,

     This requirement sound a bit strange honestly, but if your customer really needs it, its achievable. You can have Command Parameter Values ( ticketnumber and DB SID in your case) as your workflow execution comments if you execute your workflows using REST APIs in a powershell script. Attaching the Posh script and the workflow it calls. It accepts a Parameter value as an argument, constructs an input file and calls a REST API to execute the workflow. When the workflow executes it will have comments with the value of the workflow parameter passed.

This script runs on PowerShell3.0 and above. You can modify it according to your WFA server, credentials, workflow UUID, and workflow parameters.

If you want use WFA GUI then there is still a way. You can create a command and use this script itself as the command code i.e. the WFA command itself will call the REST API to execute your workflow. When you create a Workflow for this command, your executing parent workflow will call the child workflow with the required parameters and set the Comment field accordingly and also execute your desired task.

warm regards,


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Thanks for posting the script/workflow.  I have a customer that is also requesting the ability to automatically populate the Execution Comment field.  It would be nice if we could configure this field in user preferences with variables from the workflow.



Hi Geoff & Markus,

     A Request for enhancement is filed for  the same. Request both of you to open a case with netapp  and add it to RFE # 782116.

Thanks to sinhaa for filing the same.




We can take that as new feature request and see if it can be done in future.


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