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issues with OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0.1 (DFM) when creating a Snapmirror for a SnapVault volume


Hey all,

has anyone experienced the same issues with  OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0.1 (DFM) when creating a Snapmirror for a SnapVault volume?

The primary NetApp runs on OnTap 8.0.3, the Snapvault Secondary and the SnapMirror Filer have OnTap 8.1 with 64-Bit aggregate.
During the OnCommand SnapMirror Volume Provisioning the calculated volume target size is greater than the complete aggregate.
We had an open Bug (475366) for OnTap. But since there are no other affected customers, this doesn't seem to be handled with high priority.




Did you ever figure out more with regards to the sizes? I am setting up SnapVault and my 23TB worth of source volumes (just 2 vols) wants 45TB of space for "backup", which I assume means SnapVault. My destination aggr is 41TB and won't fit the backup. I'm assuming it estimates the needed size based on retention periods, but haven't verified this yet.


Can you help us with the sizes of your primary volume, backup volume and mirror volumes ? Also is dedupe enabled on the snapvault destination ?



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