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login error a week after upgrading NetApp Harvest


We needed to upgrade NetApp Harvest after we upgraded OnTap to 9.7 and Active IQUM to version 9.8.  I followed the directions on the website and it was successful.  After the upgrades I could login to the URL and see the dashboards with all our nodes and SVMs (running both OnTap 9.3 and OnTap 9.7).  I could also login to the admin page and see that the connections to Active IQUM were successful.


Now when I try to login using the built-in admin account to either the webpage for the dashboards or the admin page it fails.  I get the message "Error while signing in user".  I know the password is correct since I am able to login to the console of the VM successfully using the same admin account and password.


Also, does NetApp plan to make this an officially supported product in the future?


Thanks in advance for any help.


Versions before the upgrade:

NAbox 2.6.3 (2020-05-05)


Harvest 1.3


Versions after the upgrade:

NAbox 2.6.4 (2020-06-28)


Harvest 1.6


Re: login error a week after upgrading NetApp Harvest


This problem was caused by the root direction being 100% full.  In my case the daemon.log file had grown to over 1.5GB in size.   Looking at the daemon.log it appeared to be getting filled due to a corrupt whisper file.  


I ran these two commands:

find  /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/ -type f –empty

find  /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/ -type f –empty -delete


Then I was told to delete that daemon.log file and reboot and now I can login again successfully.

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