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max loop iterations


I created script for change options in volumes, but the max iterations is set to 100 by design.

What is the way to change it.

Help appreciated



Re: max loop iterations


Yes you are right this has been set to a a max of 100. How many iterations do you need ? . You could split it into multiple rows of 100 iterations each or execute the workflow multiple times to set volume options in batches of 100

Re: max loop iterations


Multiple DFMs and filers are involved, so filter return a total of 990 volumes.

The idea behind is to set vol autosize values on all volumes for prevent base snapshots autodeletion in case of volume full.

Is it not possible to bypass this limitation?

Re: max loop iterations


Unfortunately we don't have a way to do this now. The limit was added to protect the server from being stretched beyond capacity. I am taking this down as a feature request. The only way you can do it now is to either somehow chunk them into 10 rows of 100 volumes or execute the workflow multiple(10) times with sufficient time duration between executions to allow the DFM servers and WFA to see the updated volumes.

Re: max loop iterations


As source is selected by query in loop, I don't see exactly how chunk.

Have to have multiple query with records 0..100, 101..200 etc or other ways?


   AS 'name', array.ip AS 'array.ip', AS ''


            storage.volume AS vol


            storage.array AS array ON vol.array_id =


   LIKE '%${volume_name}%'

            AND NOT LIKE  'sdw%'

            AND NOT LIKE '%mirror%')

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