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netapp balance - server not reachable


We are using NetApp OnCommand Balance v4.1.0.2 and we're getting an error "Server not reachable" in the "Discovery - vCenters > Monitor virtual guests" area.

The weird thing though, is that the Balance Linux console (see enclosed picture) "can" ping and reach this server:

Note though that this only happens on some servers -- not all of them. Most of them seem to be in our development active directory domain though. Why some of these DEV servers get successfully monitored and why some fail is not clear.

I've checked the "Admin > Events" area and these errors don't show up there.

I have also confirmed that the credentials being utilized are correct. If I try to use different credentials -- I actually get an "Invalid credential" error and not a "Server not reachable" error.

Any tips/tricks/help/411 on this "server not reachable" error would be great. thanks...



We fixed several defects related to MS Windows guest and server discovery in Balance 4.1.1. Please try the new version and report your results.


Peter L. -- thanks for the quick reply. We upgraded the appliance from v4. to; upgraded the proxy and then did the following:

     Discovery > vCenter Servers > Checked All > Rediscover Selected

     Discovery > vCenter Servers > Unmonitored Guests > Checked off all servers > Chose the correct credentials and clicked Monitor Guests.

This combination of upgrades and "kick in the butt" rediscover steps seems to have done the trick.

We can now monitor all of our devices. The only ones left now are the ones in the DMZ and fire-walled off, but we're now actively seeing/monitoring all discovered assets and I'll deal with my Network team later to tweak FW rules, etc.