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netapp-harvest cifs stats


we have netapp harvest 1.4 running on cdot 9.3 

for some of our cifs stats we dont see metrics but do see them in the past like over 30 days or week ago

any troubleshooting to check why no cifs metrics ,already restarted poller 



Re: netapp-harvest cifs stats


@vachagan_gratian or @gmey maybe?

Re: netapp-harvest cifs stats




Which counters exactly are involved? (If you don't know exactly, can you just send me a screenshot of Grafana?)


Inorder to understand what's going on, I would need the following:

- stop the poller

- delete the old log file (from the log/ subfolder)

- start the poller in verbose mode (add -v in the command line arguments)

- wait for a few cycles and send us the log file.



Re: netapp-harvest cifs stats


thanks for verbose start option 

only one cifs write latency was not showing and whispher file no update from a week ,could be users not writing any data

as I just started writing with dd to test folder and see new metrics showup and whispher file updated

so this is resolved 

thank you for help 

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Re: netapp-harvest cifs stats


Great! Let me know if we can help in the future 🙂

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