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netapp wfa domain credentials to controller


I added a domain user to the administrator groups on the controller. In WFA - Execution - Credentials I am trying to add this controller via IP and in the username field whatever I enter for the domain user it comes back saying invalid. What is the proper format to enter a domain user. I tried the putty ssh with the same domain user and it worked perfectly though.


Re: netapp wfa domain credentials to controller


Can you please provide the screenshot of the the WFA credential that you are trying and the failure message?

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Re: netapp wfa domain credentials to controller


Additionally information needed: Which version of WFA are you using.

Apparently there was some issue with credentials having special character in earlier version of WFA. WFA 2.0 to be specific. If you are entering the username like "domain\user", maybe that could be causing a problem.

However this has been fixed in WFA 2.1.

Re: netapp wfa domain credentials to controller


Just to add to Anil's reference, if your username starts with a character like 'n' you may have a problem as the DOMAIN\nUSER becomes DOMAIN<Enter>USER which isn't valid.

Try to enter the username in the format "user@domain" to see if you have better success.



Re: netapp wfa domain credentials to controller


We are using WFA 2.1

Ok I was trying with a $id. So it did not work. What worked was a non $ id in this format - DOMAIN\userid

But A few more points.

We tried this format with the $id -

DOMAIN\$userid OR $ did not work and the error trace log said - authentication failed..not much info.


DOMAIN\'$userid' yielded a more useful error message clearly saying $userid of DOMAIN did not it is very clear that when we included the quotes it took the proper id but did not connect properly.

Thanks all for the help.

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