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network discovery problem



I have a lot of subnets being discovered that are spread accross multiple oncommand servers. It seems on any server that has more than two subnets, there will be exactly one subnet that is not being discovered. I can go in and do 'dfm discover id' and it will say network is being rediscovered, but when i list the networks it does not have a discovery time, and the filers on that network arent being discovered.  I am running the lastest version (5.2) on windows 2008.  Any thoughts?


Re: network discovery problem



   Can you show an example ? Also pls paste the output of dfm network list. Do check what is the value for the following options

dfm options list | findstr /i discover



Re: network discovery problem


As you can see from the below output one network hasnt been discovered. I ran dfm discover on it, but in the discovery log it dosnt show up.

D:\Program Files\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\bin>dfm network list

ID   Network                                    Prefix Length  Hop Count  Last S

earched          Deleted

---- ------------------------------------------ -------------- ---------- ------

---------------- --------

130                                  16 bits             0     06 Nov

02:18           No

131                                  16 bits             0


132                                  16 bits             0     05 Nov

01:00           No

133                                  16 bits             0     05 Nov

09:52           No

134                                  16 bits             0     05 Nov

18:54           No

D:\Program Files\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\bin>dfm options list | findstr /i


discoverAgents                        Enabled

discoverClusters                      Enabled

discoverEnabled                       Enabled

discoverHostInitEnabled               Enabled

discoverHosts                         Enabled

discoverInterval                      15 minutes

discoverNetworks                      Enabled

discoverTimeout                       5 seconds

discoverVfilers                       Enabled

hostEnclosureDiscoveryEvents          Disabled

networkDiscoveryLimit                 15

serverAPILogExclude                   host-service-discover|dfm-about

snapshotDiscoveryEventsEnabled        No

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