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ocum 6.4P1 cifs shares list




I have ocum 6.4p1.

when i go in the detail of a virtual machine and want to list the cifs shares, 

this list is not complet

that only list the root shares


for exemple :


svm1 with a volume named data_svm1

volume is mounted in namespace as /data_svm1

i make a directory svm1\data_svm1\test

if a make 2 shares 

share1 pointing on svm1\data_svm1

share2 pointing on svm1\data_svm1\test



both share are accessible but only share1 is listed in ocum

if i delete share1

share2 is accessible but not listed in ocum


is that normal ?

it is a possibility to list all shares level 1,level 2 ....?




Re: ocum 6.4P1 cifs shares list


Hi @jensP


This is because you have mounted the test volume under svm1\data_svm1. You already created a share on svm1\data_svm1,


You can access svm1\data_svm1 and svm1\data_svm1\test from the share1 it self. That is the reason it is showing single share in your case.... 🙂


I am able to see all the shares in my OCUM and i am also using 6.4p1. I have mounted all my volumes under root (/). Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

Re: ocum 6.4P1 cifs shares list




in your screen we see only first level shares


if you create a folder under /vol_infra

like /vol_infra/testlv1


you shares /vol_infra/test  as "testlv1"

and delete the /vol_infra share


so the user go directly to /vol_infra/test


the in OCUM the share "testlv1" did not appear


look my screens


windows and system manage show share " testlv1" path /data_svm3/testlv1

OCUM side show only C$ shares

Re: ocum 6.4P1 cifs shares list




nobody ?


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