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oncommand migration from 32 bit to 64 bit


Hello All

We are moving our DFM servers from 32bit windows to 64 bit Windows. I am going to follow this document -

The only question I have is on the below point. Should I copy each of the files in the exisitng directories to the new ones. I was of the opinion that the database backup and restore will do everything.

Point 6 -

Copy the data for each option to the new 64-bit install directory. 
Copy the data from the installation_directory/data/ location to the new installation directory in Windows.





Hi Muru,

     Some of the dir is already part of the database backup  like 3,4,9

  1. databaseBackupDir ( is the location where all backups are stored, its up to you if you want to copy them or not. The old backups)
  2. dataExportDir ( if you use data export functionality using dfm data export then you should copy it)
  3. dfmencKeysDir ( this is already part of a database backup)
  4. perfArchiveDir ( is the location where PA data is stored and is already part of a backup )
  5. perfExportDir ( this is raw pa data exported using the cli dfm data export )
  6. pluginsDir ( this is location of dfm plugins which are required only if you use configuration management. Anyways in the new install of 5.2 you will get all the ones)
  7. reportDesignPath ( is the location of BIRT reports and are not required as they are installed in 5.2)
  8. reportsArchiveDir (this is the location where the output of scheduled reports are stored, if you need them copy it)
  9. scriptDir.( this is the location where script plugins and its jobs are stored, this is already part of db backup)

The contents of this doc is incorrect and needs correction.....




Hi Adai

This answer really helps and please take steps to modify the document.



Hi Muru,

The backup file does not contain much of the data listed in the action plan, so if you want that specific data migrated then you need to copy it to the new location  manually.



Looking at the instructions it would seem that the data in those particular directories is data that has been exported from the DB probably due to regular DB maintenance. So if needed, it would have to be copied over manually.

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