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pass workflow executing user credentials to workflow



I would like to use the credentials of the workflow executor to be used within a workflow.

Background is that I want to create a workflow connecting to linux servers and create a set of directories to mount nfs shares etc.

I don't want to create credentials for every server and also not to add credentials for a service user having access to all servers.

Therefore I would like to make security dependent on the user executing the workflow.

So the two ways could be to either get the credentials of the user logged in

or to request another user/password entry upon workflow execution, but there the password should be hidden.

Is there a way to do this or do you have a better idea to solve this problem?

Thanks & regards




Hi Thorsten,

What about if you will have credentials set in WFA for those machines in the first place? Is that possible?

Another option is to create a table in the playground database (A section usable for users where you can create tables

with information, like user/pass) and in the workflow create a command to pull the information from the table and use it?

There's a way to get the currently connected user name in a command.

Just look at "Send Email" command for reference. Not sure if that's something useful for you, but it can be a key to pull

the password from the playground table...

Does those options make any sense?




Hey Yaron,

thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately it's not possible because we got several hundreds of servers,

also storing the entries in plaintext is not our desired way.

The "Send Mail" command was a good hint,

I think this helps a lot to get at least the user executing the workflow identified and tracked.

Hopefully password fields find their way into WFA in one of the next versions...

Greets, Thorsten