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provisioning and external relationship



I have datasets with secondary resource pool provisioning

When my source volume grow PM automatically grow the secondary volume (DSS process)

After some migration issue (move primary volume from a pfiler to a vfiler on a nother pfiler)

I still have previous PM relationships but PM see them as external relationships

I could import them to their original dataset but I need to know, if dynamic secondary volume will still work for these imported relationships.

Secondary volumes of these imported relationships are shared with other normal PM relationships

Is DSS process on these secondary volumes will take into account primary volume  size change of these imported relationships ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best Regards




Hi Christian,

     Yes, even after import of the secondary volume the DSS will work as long as you move the relationship within the same PM server. As DSS is a flag that is assigned to all Protection Manager provisioned volumes as long the flag is valid, DSS will work irrespective of import or not. But if you import a relationship in which the secondary volume was not provisioned by PM then DSS will never work, unless you migrate the same using Secondary Storage Migration which will provision a new secondary volume and add the DSS flag from when DSS will start to work.



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