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provisioning - increment qtree name from a text file


Hello Mates - I need help with a workflow. I have attached dar file.

This workflow works perfectly for us. We are looking for one improvement to this.

In the qtree/share name sometimes, for an example: we give either qtree_name as a name which there is no issues in using this.

Sometime we give qtree_name_XXXX and we get this number from an excel sheet and after using we increment by 1 in the excel sheet, which is a manual process today.


What I want is a text file stored in the wfa server (c:\incr.txt) say with a number to start with 8000.


Just above Qtree/Share name in the workflow, I want an option

Add Unique id - Yes/No.

If yes we need to pull the number 8000 from the txt file, number pops in the Qtree/Share name area and increment that txt file by 1

if no nothing happens.

  Is this possible ?

May be we can do without a text file. I am not sure how. The other thing is we don’t want to scan existing qtrees and then increment.



Hi Muru,

     Why dont you use your Excel as a datasource to your workflow so that the name/increment is taken care as part of the workflow itself ?




you can add a custom function like below which will accept the name ending with numeric (test_800) this function will return next name as (test_801).:

def nextName(name)


java.util.regex.Pattern RESOLVE_PATTERN = java.util.regex.Pattern.compile(


         java.util.regex.Matcher matcher = RESOLVE_PATTERN.matcher(name);

         if (matcher.matches())


              String prefix =;

              String number =;

  if (number!=null)


                  return prefix + String.valueOf((Integer.valueOf(number)+1));



         throwException('The input must be in the format of: <string prefix><number suffix>');



Hello ranjeet

Thanks for the response. I am learning WFA and let me try to get some understanding of your code to begin with.

Looks too complicated to me though.


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