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"Hit-All-the-unspecific-Alarm-Rule" and escape for previous alarms?



We are still running a OCUM5.1, yes update follow in the next days, but what am I seeking for is a solution for a problem which I think should be quite simple, but I didnt get it.

We have several Alarm, like "full volume", "*_latency",.... and so on, followed by some sort of "hit-all-the-rest-alarm". the intention is, the dedicated alarms should be mailed to some group of people, but the "hit-the-unspecific"-rule to another.

What is this "hit-the-unspecific"-Rule, simply: "Event: ALL; Severity: Error or worse; Group: global", now we are getting all alarms twice, the specific and the unspecific, cause the severity hits, I understand why that happens, BUT, is there any solution to get around that, or a escape-rule would be nice....if a specific alarm was triggered no other alarm is engaged.... or is the only solution to define alarms for every Event-Type to route that mailing?

I could work with groups, but the global-group would hit always...





HI Gruber,

AFAIK, once you create an Alarm with "Event: ALL; Severity: Error or worse; Group: global", there is no way to exclude specific alarms form that list.

You could create separate alarms for every event-type to route the mailing.





Well, that is what I nearly expected, I had a small hope, that I have missed something or there is some sort of "hidden trick" 🙂



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