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"Tech refresh" using WFA


Hi All,

     I saw a bullet point on a cDOT presentation the other day about "Automating a Tech Refresh" using WFA. I'm aware of the sample workflow "Controller and shelf upgrade of a HA pair" which will allow that exact tech refresh scenario. But there's one thing I wanted to check - point 13 of the prerequisites on this workflow is "Note: This workflow does not support “Tech refresh” case where there are 7-mode volumes".

Does this mean there is another workflow where we DO have something that supports 7-Mode to cDOT transition and tech refresh in an "all in one" type operation? If so, can someone please share details of that with me.

Many Thanks



Re: "Tech refresh" using WFA


Hi Rob,

  This particular workflow is for Tech Refresh on a cDOT systems only. This workflow is not for 7mode to cDOT transition.

     On cDOT systems, by default all the data volumes are cluster-mode volumes. But the vol0 volumes(node root volumes) are 7-mode volumes.

cDOT systems does support some special steps to create 7mode data volumes. But these volumes cann't be migrated with this Tech Refresh workflow.

In the pre-requisites section, we are mentioning about this limitation to migrate 7-mode data volumes on cDOT systems.

     Currently WFA is not shipping workflow to transition from 7-Mode to cDOT. But I think similar workflows are already available on the community site.    


Thanks and Regards,

Bestin Jose.

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Re: "Tech refresh" using WFA


Thanks Bestin

I thought that would be the case - and I'd read the pre-req's. I will take a look on the communities site for any further workflows that help us to automate tech refresh with 7M systems now.



Re: "Tech refresh" using WFA


Hi Rob:

There is a 7-mode to Cluster Data ONTAP mode transition tool available from NetApp.

You can download the tools here.

However these are not integrated with WFA.



Re: "Tech refresh" using WFA


Hi Abhi,

Yes, thanks. I've used the 7mtt's before and know how they work. It was more the WFA integration part of the tech refresh I was interested in.



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