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save scheduled reports to a directory - send email not zipped?

  • Is there a way to save the scheduled reports that are generated to a directory?
  • When reports are generated they are zipped and emailed.  Is there a way to NOT zip them?

Re: save scheduled reports to a directory - send email not zipped?


Hi Rob,

            By default all scheduled reports are stored in the following directory. Once can also change the location by changing the value of this option.

There is no way to change the behaviour of having a report email with being zipped. If you like to get this addressed pls open a case with NetApp Support against this RFE 377759

[root@vmlnx~]# dfm about | more

Version                          5.2 (5.2RC1)

Executable Type                  64-bit

Serial Number                    1-50-000001

Edition                          Standard edition of DataFabric Manager server

Data ONTAP Operating Mode        7-Mode

Administrator Name               root

Host Name                        vmlnx

Host IP Address                  x.x.x.x

Host Full Name                   vmlnx

Node limit                       250 (currently managing 4)

Operating System                 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago) 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64 x86_64

CPU Count                        4

System Memory                    7873 MB (load excluding cached memory: 16%)

Installation Directory           /opt/NTAPdfm

                                 17.1 GB free (59.4%)

Perf Data Directory              /opt/NTAPdfm/perfdata

Data Export Directory            /opt/NTAPdfm/dataExport

Database Backup Directory        /opt/NTAPdfm/data

Reports Archival Directory       /opt/NTAPdfm/reports

Licensed Features                DataFabric Manager server: installed

                                 Storage Area Network Option: installed

                                 File SRM Option: installed

                                 Enterprise Edition: installed


[root@vmlnx ~]# dfm options list reportsArchiveDir

Option            Value

----------------- ------------------------------

reportsArchiveDir /opt/NTAPdfm/reports/

[root@vmlnx ~]#



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