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seeking schema for vc tables


are schemas for our cache available? Also, is there a default read-only account for mysql?



Yes and yes.

If you'd use the "Help" top menu-bar and select "Reference manual" you'd find automatically generated document that

includes all the cache information. Just navigate to the dictionary entries and cache tables to see how they are built.

(Note: In 2.0 the dictionary and the cache tables merged so in essence the dictionary entry structure is the cache table structure).

If that's not enough there's a read-only user to view both the data schemas with the data as well manipulate a user-data schema

(With read-write access to the latter).

Please use: wfa/Wfa123 as the user/password.

Hope that helps.

Yaron Haimsohn

WFA Team



is the mysql r/o account in 2.0.1 still wfa/Wfa123?


Is the r/o user & password still the same for 2.2rc1? Cant login.   disabled firewall, commented out my.ini entry & restarted, but no connect


Yes. Its wfa and Wfa123. with an upppercase W in the password. BTW as mike asked where are you connecting from ?

Local host or remote ? If remote, comment the .ini file and restart the sql service




Where are you connecting from? Locally or from another machine?

Once the my.ini is changed to allow off-box, you'll only be able to connect from off-box, local will not work anymore with default mysql grant permissions.


Yes, the wfa read-only user still exists though by default the DB only binds to "localhost" and is not accepting connections from outside of the WFA host.

If needed, you can enable remote access by commenting the last line (which says "bind-address=localhost") in "c:\program files\netapp\wfa\mysql\my.ini" and restart MySQL (I think there's a nicer way of doing this though I'm not sure ).

Doing so will make MySQL accept connections from everywhere.


Hi Yaron,

I'm trying to use these credentials to connect to the MySQL instance but get access denied for that user. Would these have changed or been something else? The package I used is about 3 weeks old and is

It will connect with no password but displays no schema information and has no access to anything.




See the thread about "can't login to mysql db".  You'll have to edit the WFA\mysql\my.ini file and update or comment out the "bind-address=localhost" line.

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