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snapshot space consumtion -trending analysis with oncommand possible?



customer asked me recently if it is possible to get historic data of snapshot space consumption. e.g. if he starts snapshotting a volume how long will the snapshot reserve last until he has to expand the snapshot reserve. Customer is on sod thats why he asked this question.

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Re: snapshot space consumtion -trending analysis with oncommand possible?


Yes, OnCommand tracks usage of the snapshot reserve. The "Volume Snapshot Growth" report (from the classic OnCommand GUI) would be the place to start. I'm not entirely sure where this is reported in the 5.0 GUI.

In general, for any volume named "X", OnCommand has a record for "X.snapshot" which represents the snapshot reserve. We keep the same set of statistics for both the main volume and the snapshot "volume".

Re: snapshot space consumtion -trending analysis with oncommand possible?


Hi Uwe,

             There are lot of snapshot based reports in OnCommand 5.0 but they are in the operations manager console and not in the oncommand console. Pls take a look at the following GSS course which details on the reporting capability with OnCommand 5.0.For an in-depth training take a look at the GSS course for Reporting with OnCommand 5.0

lnx:~ # dfm report list | grep -i snapshot

  aggregates-snapshot-thresholds snapshot thresholds for all aggregates

  aggregates-snapshot-capacity capacity being used by snapshots on aggregates

  volumes-snapshot-counts   Number of snapshots in volume

  volumes-snapshot-growth   rate of growth of volumes over time

  volumes-snapshot-details  Details of snapshots on volumes

  volumes-snapshot-policies Snapshot Policies on volumes

  volumes-snapshot-autodelete Snapshot Policies on volumes

  volumes-first-snapshot    Space used when taking the first snapshot

  volumes-first-snapshot-percent Space used when taking the first snapshot

  volumes-snapshot-capacity capacity report for all snapshot areas

  volumes-snapshot-thresholds thresholds for all snapshot areas

  volumes-first-snapshot-thresholds thresholds for first snapshots

lnx:~ #



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