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throttle backup vault


Hello on the OnCommand core 5.1 there is a throttle on backup protection policies for "primary to target" transfert

can some one help me to understand the way this throttle works ?

My question is ... is the throttle dynamic?

if in a dataset I have a full bandwidth during night and no bandwidth during day and 2 backups one have the initial done and the other is doing the initial replication (about 12 days)

if backup is programmed a 9 PM

and initial is started at 1PM

will the initial work only at night and be paused during the day? or will it be set at no bandwidth as it as been runed during "no bandwidth period"



Re: throttle backup vault


Throttle schedules are not dynamic. They are applied on start of a job.

Your initial transfer will not start either, dataset will be in state "Non Conformant" until the baseline has been done.

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Re: throttle backup vault



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