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Comparison of NetApp's integration with VDI providers


I'm looking for a document comparing our level of integration with Citrix, VMware and other VDI providers.

For example - we have the RCU for Vmware but not for Citrix VDI.


Eran B


Re: Comparison of NetApp's integration with VDI providers


Thats a good suggestion that we can take a look at doing something like this within the business unit.  Are you specifically talking about what integration we have with each connection broker providers? 

Citrix can import VMs into XenDesktop that were created with RCU via a CSV file. 

Quest vWorkspace can create the VMs by calling our ZAPI's

Leostream can automatically discover new VMs that are within vCenter that were created by RCU

Please give me some more details that you are looking for and we can try to provide some more info!



Re: Comparison of NetApp's integration with VDI providers


Things I recommend will be included:

1) Can the broker envoke storage based tools for cloning ? For quick recovery ?

2) Protocol support ?

3) Is there a Best Practice / reference architecture ?

4) Is there a difference in the tools needed for integration ? (E.g. RCU In VIEW, how do we clone XenDesktop VD's if the customer isn't running VIEW ?

That's what I had in mind for the table..

For this particular customer question, I'd appreciate your answers for VIEW and Xen specifically so I can compose a tavble of my own..

Thanks again,

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