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cli sh install error.[root@netapp_tb home]# sh MetroClusterTiebreakerInstall-1.6Extracting the MetroCluster Tiebreaker installation/upgrade archivewhi more
Hi Everyone , Recently I tried to implement the FlexClone function through New-NcVolClone ,I executed the same instructions on three different version more
Hi, Script was running fine on previous PSTK version so no firewall issues. Today I tested a simple line it can't connect to the cluster in version 9. more
PS /> Test-v3Prerequisites [?] You are using a PowerShell version 7.3.9. [√] PSGallery is available. [√] PSGallery is Trusted. [√] Repositories are av more
Recently, I have performed testing to get our current set of Powershell scripts working with REST API.   I would like to share some of my results, in more
I have a script that we use at several locations to set snapmirror-labels.  Runs just fine on all my other systems, but here I'm getting an error on t more
The ONTAP CLI, qos workload show , gives the volume wid number. any powershell command can give me this wid ?
NetApp ONTAP powershell toolkit not working post install module and it gets automatically uninstalled.