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Recently, I have performed testing to get our current set of Powershell scripts working with REST API.   I would like to share some of my results, in more
Hi everyone,I need help here… but first let me explain; Environment:  ONTAP HA-Cluster  hosted in Azure Cloud as Cloud Volumes ONTAP (v 9.13.1) Using more
Hello Community, We currently try to update to PSTK But when you use Get-NcSnapshot -volume $volume  You get an exception: Object refere more
A Cinder volume corresponds to a file within the NFS share provided by a FlexVol. The space is consumed when you write actual data in the Cinder volum more
Hello together, we have a problem with the PowerShell Kit and Session IDs for CIFS.We are running PowerShell Kit and OnTAP Version 9.12.1P more
Hello, I want to create snapshot policies through a script. This works on physical filers but for some reason the same code does not work on our virtu more
Hi: Wanted to make the developers aware of a situation I am experiencing. I am starting to test with PSTK 9.13.1 and OnTAP 9.10.1P12.PS E:\> $global:C more
I have a script that we use at several locations to set snapmirror-labels.  Runs just fine on all my other systems, but here I'm getting an error on t more