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 I have just upgrade a lab controller to 9.3 so I could test some deployment scripts. Part of my scripts issue "Invoke-NcSsh" commands because a comma more
Latest Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere only supports up to vSphere 6.7 For a while now VMWare went to vSphere version 7. What is the ETA fo more
Hi, Script was running fine on previous PSTK version so no firewall issues. Today I tested a simple line it can't connect to the cluster in version 9. more
Hi,I'm using PSTK 9.8.0 and have the problem, that invoke-ncssh can't connect to the cluster since I removed hmac-sha1.The error message is:invoke-ncs more
hi every oneI used vmware with vvols but the VM can't extend hdd and this is err export: (esxi 6.7 and storage Netapp FAS9000 with ontap 9)" The disk more
Hi, if I write the output from Get-NcCifsSessionFile in variable I got often the XML error message. Any suggestion to solve the error?DataOntap 9.8.0 more
Is there an upgrade and or migration path for this? I couldn't find anything on support site yet. On the download page there an "upgrade.iso" and a OV more