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Talk with other users about your NetApp data storage solutions and VMware server and desktop virtualization solutions, as well as NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for VMware’s vSphere cloud computing foundation.

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Hi all,   Does anyone know if the VAAI NAS Full File Clone Primitive works across volumes with aggregate dedupe in 9.6?   Not tried it yet, so thought ...read more
Simply put - does the VSC support the SRM appliance (photon based appliance that was relesed a while back)? Or would it be ebst to stick with windows ...read more
Hello,   Does VSC 9.6 support deployment in a vCenter HA enable environment? I did not found any information on vCenter HA in the VSC 9.6 documentatio ...read more
Hi, because I had problems with VSC Windows Installation discovering the Storage on my VCSA 6.5, I downloaded and installed VSC 7.0 (virtual appliance ...read more
Hello all!   Trying to use the VSC 9.6 and no luck since day 1. Installation was smooth w/o any errors.   Environment checked and listed in IMT. vCent ...read more
Looking for some advise on what i have to do to get VVol provisioning working.   Is fine with normal NFS volumes but as soon as i select vvol on the g ...read more
Morning VSC experts. I did an install of VSC 9.6 on vSphere 6.7U3 this weekend, that alreayd had a number of datastores attached to the hosts. I have ...read more
Hey, I have about 30 datastores backed up by data broker version 1.0.1 in multiple resource groups. One of my client accidentally deleted his vm. I ha ...read more
Hey everyone, I configured an nfs datastore from my 9.5 cdot to have autogrow enabled so that it won't get out of space. The problem is that after it ...read more
Hi All   Looking for a little advice before i log a case as we are flat out of ideas. We have multiple environments with 8020s running On-Tap 9.1 each ...read more
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