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Usage of NetApp products with Linux


I'd like people to share their views, experiences, pain points, success stories on using NetApp products with Linux (Any Distribution - Any Feature).

Plan is to try figure out how our customers are using NetApp products with Linux and what are the Challenges they face.



Distribution:  ours is RHEL 4.x and 5.x, but this probably applies to any.

There is not a single place / set of commands to do storage (re)configuration!

As an example, I can point to the insanity of this documentation piece:


I agree that there are pain point in the current way one is required to

configure the storage stack in Linux.

Part of it is:

  • Real Bugs (Stale multipath entries, for example)

  • Integration (Storage Stack isn't well integrated. Take SCSI + DM + FS)

  • Libraries (No single robust library to interact to the Storage Stack)

  • Multiple Choices (Partitioned vs Un-Partitioned LUNs)

On many of the points, we are closely working with the vendors, but it still

will take some time to reflect in the Enterprise Releases.


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