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Xenserver 4.1 Netapp Storage Adapter with Storevault


Xenserver 4.1 create NetApp SR Lun in Xencenter works fine, but

it's listed as unrecognized in Storevault Manager software.

Anyone else have this problem? What's the benefit of the Netapp Adapter when used

with a Storevault S550.

Thanks, Eric



Hi Eric,

In the upcoming release of S Family Manager (v3.2), this will be fixed. S Family Manager will recognize volumes created by the Xencenter NetApp plugin. You won't be able to manage those volumes using S Family Manager however.

The main value of using the Xen plugin with an S550 is to have Xencenter control the creation of volumes and the provisioning of LUNs within those volumes according to Xen best practice. You will not need to use S Family Manager for those operations.

Steve Proffitt

Sr. Product Manager

Device Management and Infrastructure Software



I could not have answered that better! We have a number of deployments including the S550's and the management of storage for the VM's through XenCenter is quite nice. I am excited to see if and how that is expanded upon in the future as well!


Can you tell me why no volumes show up for thin provisioned volumes when using the Netapp plugin within XenCenter? I'm running 3.2 and all the regular flexvols show up with not problem. While I'm asking, when you create 8 flexvol, does that mean I can only provision 8 virtual servers?


I think there is a new version of SVM that fixes some of the issues with what is reflected visually. Also, I do know you can have more than 8 VM's within the the 8 Flexvols but I am not sure what the cap is. The FlexVols are really just dynamic areas of storage containing LUNs.

Jesse Korn

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