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how to search LUN with LUN id


Hi Guys,

I have multiple disk with LUN id from netapp assigned and if i look from windows disk management i can find only LUN id. which i can check on netapp filer. just want to know the best way to find the LUN Id on netapp filer using OnCommand Manager or using commands.





On filer console:

filer>lun show -m

fas01> lun show -m
LUN path                                                 Mapped to                         LUN ID             Protocol
/vol/centos_iscsi/lun                            redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg         2                  iSCSI
/vol/centos_iscsi/lun_centos               redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg         0                  iSCSI
/vol/centos_iscsi/lun_pe                      redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg        1                   iSCSI
/vol/vol_iscsi_win_test/iometer            iscsi-win                                     0                   iSCSI

You can also find out using: filer>lun show -v

fas01> lun show -v
        /vol/centos_iscsi/lun          4g (4294967296)    (r/w, online, mapped)
                Serial#: BWKgW]BaIqPw
                Share: none
                Space Reservation: enabled (not honored by containing Aggregate)
                Multiprotocol Type: linux
                Maps: redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg=2
                Occupied Size:  194.5m (203952128)
                Creation Time: Fri Feb 15 10:37:14 GMT 2013
                Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0
        /vol/centos_iscsi/lun_centos     12g (12884901888)   (r/w, online, mapped)
                Serial#: BWKgW]BaIqNE
                Share: none
                Space Reservation: disabled
                Multiprotocol Type: linux
                Maps: redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg=0
                Occupied Size:  468.3m (491012096)
                Creation Time: Thu Nov 22 13:03:18 GMT 2012
                Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0

Using OnCommand System Manager:

Filer | Storage | LUNS | select the LUN | Edit | Click on Initiator Groups tab

Hi Ashwin,

Thanks for your reply. actully i am looking to search the LUN using LUN id.

the command u have given it displays all the luns with associated LUN id and my Netapp filer has 200+ LUNs and the command displays complete details for all the LUNs in the filer. please suggest if i can search a specific LUN using LUN id.




The only you can get this search working is : develop a shell script, to collect the "lun show -v/m" and grep it from the output fields (OF). or write a power shell script.

There is no ready to use command thru cli.

thank you,