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how to search LUN with LUN id


Hi Guys,

I have multiple disk with LUN id from netapp assigned and if i look from windows disk management i can find only LUN id. which i can check on netapp filer. just want to know the best way to find the LUN Id on netapp filer using OnCommand Manager or using commands.





The only you can get this search working is : develop a shell script, to collect the "lun show -v/m" and grep it from the output fields (OF). or write a power shell script.

There is no ready to use command thru cli.

thank you,



On filer console:

filer>lun show -m

fas01> lun show -m
LUN path                                                 Mapped to                         LUN ID             Protocol
/vol/centos_iscsi/lun                            redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg         2                  iSCSI
/vol/centos_iscsi/lun_centos               redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg         0                  iSCSI
/vol/centos_iscsi/lun_pe                      redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg        1                   iSCSI
/vol/vol_iscsi_win_test/iometer            iscsi-win                                     0                   iSCSI

You can also find out using: filer>lun show -v

fas01> lun show -v
        /vol/centos_iscsi/lun          4g (4294967296)    (r/w, online, mapped)
                Serial#: BWKgW]BaIqPw
                Share: none
                Space Reservation: enabled (not honored by containing Aggregate)
                Multiprotocol Type: linux
                Maps: redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg=2
                Occupied Size:  194.5m (203952128)
                Creation Time: Fri Feb 15 10:37:14 GMT 2013
                Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0
        /vol/centos_iscsi/lun_centos     12g (12884901888)   (r/w, online, mapped)
                Serial#: BWKgW]BaIqNE
                Share: none
                Space Reservation: disabled
                Multiprotocol Type: linux
                Maps: redhat.test.com_iscsi_SdIg=0
                Occupied Size:  468.3m (491012096)
                Creation Time: Thu Nov 22 13:03:18 GMT 2012
                Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0

Using OnCommand System Manager:

Filer | Storage | LUNS | select the LUN | Edit | Click on Initiator Groups tab

Hi Ashwin,

Thanks for your reply. actully i am looking to search the LUN using LUN id.

the command u have given it displays all the luns with associated LUN id and my Netapp filer has 200+ LUNs and the command displays complete details for all the LUNs in the filer. please suggest if i can search a specific LUN using LUN id.



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