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showmount-plugin issue on Oracle VM host: export is contained in export


We are running CDot 8.2.2p2 in our cluster.

We are running Oracle VM 3.2.2.


I think the plugin does not like qtrees. I think it sees them as duplicate or nested shares.


This is the error from the showmount plugin:

OVMAPI_2005E "[NetworkFileServerDbImpl] 0004fb00000900000b1fca0941e83514<65329> (NFSTest_J-C)" contains a component "0004fb00000900000b1fca0941e83514" in error. Error event: fileserver.invalid.exports., Summary: File Server Has Invalid Exports, Description: OVMEVT_00A005D_000 File Server: NFSTest_J-C, has invalid exports. Export: /vol/BLADE193, is contained in export: /vol/BLADE193/blade_share. Remove one of those exports on the file server, and then refresh the file server to clear the error.. [Wed Apr 29 10:27:01 CDT 2015]


The namespace for the vserver is mounts the volume in question as /vol/BLADE193. It does not use the qtree "blade_share". 

We actually started with two qtrees under this alphabetically first volume, blade193 and blade_share. The qtree blade193 was the first balk. We deleted that qtree after migrating the data to qtree blade1.

Then the plugin balked on the second qtree, blade_share. I migrated that data to a directory and the balk then began with blade1 qtree.

There is no way to remove all qtrees, we have too many volumes with too many qtrees and way too much data.


Is there an easy fix for this, besides another vserver that doesn't have any volumes with qtrees? Is there a configuration oopsy?