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AltaVault self-enablement resources


Did you know that there is a wealth of AltaVault resources available for you to use?


If you're thinking about deploying an AltaVault appliance using the trial download to give the features a test, you may want to review the following resources to assist you in maximizing the value of AltaVault and what it can do for you. Note that some of these resources require a NetApp login, which you can register and sign up for here.


AltaVault product documentation: As the saying goes, read the manuals (really!). The install guide assists with the installation, while the user and deployment guides will assist you in configuring the various features of the appliance once installed. Remember that AltaVault is configured to one cloud storage target, so select your cloud provider prior to setting up the software so you have access to the cloud credentials needed in order to set up AltaVault.


AltaVault Knowledge Byte Videos: Useful for learning about the AltaVault appliance, and how to deploy it and its various features such as Veritas OpenStorage (OST), Key Management Servers (KMS), and role based accounts. There are also troubleshooting videos as well. If you don't have access to this website, you may alternatively visit the AltaVault Youtube page, which has a similar video course catalog.


AltaVault technical reports (filter using the AltaVault option): AltaVault supports a majority of the major enterprise backup applications. Refer to the technical reports (TR) for your backup application, or use the best practices guide if you want just the summary of recommendations for a given backup application. The above link will provide you access to the NetApp library, which you can then filter on for the AltaVault technical reports for backup applications, and other related technical reports (including the overview guide, security guide, performance tuning guide, and best practices for DR guide).


AltaVault Lab on Demand: Lab On Demand (also known as LoD) provides access for sales and partner account teams to a controlled and pre-configured AltaVault environment in which you are led through activities such as setting up a cloud provider, running a backup, and restoring data from cloud. You can test activities to OpenStack or StorageGRID Webscale, and can also perform snpashot activities from ONTAP using the Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup. This can be useful for testing the features without actually having to deploy resources locally on your system.


NetApp Hybrid Cloud Solutions: NetApp on Cloud provides you access to further information about NetApp's hybrid cloud solutions including AltaVault. In addition to the information available, there are also links to try the software for free using some of the leading hyperscalar cloud platforms. 


Of course, if you have questions on the use of AltaVault that isn't answered by one of the various resources above, feel free to post a message to the forum, and we'd be happy to answer it for you!



Updated 6/2017 with additional resource links.



Chris -


I recently wrote a new 2 day course on implementing AltaVault.


This course discusses:

1 - AltaVault Overview
2 - Deployment
3 - Configuration Wizards
4 - Storage Settings
5 - Networking
6 - System Administration
7 - Security
8 - FIPS Compliance
9 - Management Tasks
10 - Reports and Logs
11 - Amazon Snowball
12 - Data Migration
13 - Disaster Recovery
14 - Hardware and Maintenance
Any interested customers may contact FastLane US -

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