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Cloud Sync 100% CPU but nothing is copied


I have a volume that is about 876GB in size with around 60,000 files that I want to copy to AWS, to an ONTap Cloud Instance, using Cloud Sync via CIFS. The databroker appears to be working as it runs at 100% CPU, but the only thing that I ever see in the destination share/volume are empty folders. Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.18.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.18.32 PM.png



I am not an AWS/OntapCloud guy, but just made some observations from the image you have shared:


1) Looks like Sync is in progress (Scanning phase) - So it is probably still processing the directories/files and not finished yet. That could explain no data is seen yet.

2) After the scanning is done, and the differences are calculated, DataSync transitions to the TRANSFERRING status. At this point, DataSync starts transferring files from the source file system to the destination. Only files that have been added, modified, or deleted are transferred.

Could be that the data is constantly being changed on the folders that you're syncing which keeps CPU high until all files have been synced, and probably the CPU (instance type with burstable CPU performance)is allowed to burst to 100% when its @peak but should be temperory.


Could you please let us know if it still show 'empty' folder when sysn is done 100%. It would be a good learning for me.


@uwf_chowell  can you please see the response and update thread with your findings?