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Cloud Manager "Working Environment Failed" error


After discovering an on-prem AFF-A220 in Cloud Manager, when I double-click on the icon and try to get details about the cluster I get the error "Working Environment Failed".  My AFF-A220 is running 9.5P2, then same as my Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance in AWS.


I also see this error in the event logs "

secd.dns.server.timed.out: DNS server #.#.#.# did not respond to vserver = admin Vserver within timeout interval." every so often as well.  I have no idea what "vserver = admin" refers to whatsoever.  I only have two SVMs, one being the system SVM.


That being said I have verified connectivity with the DNS from the AFF by running "

dns check -vserver na-cluster -name-server #.#.#.#".


I also have an older FAS6220 running DOT 9.1P8 and Cloud Manager works fine with it.   Confused.