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Can not Install CloudInsight on my Windows Server 2016


I tried serveral times to Install the cloudinsights-au-1.202.0.msi file on a VM.

Always I get the same ERROR.


I also got this error with Version 1.199.

 I do have admin rights.


Does anyone know why I get this error?









No idea about this product or error, but just helping you with general troubleshooting:


As the error states 'There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package', could you try narrow down the issue:


1) Verify the checksum of the downloaded msi file. Checksums are generally available on the software download page [ Just to ensure binary is not corrupt]


2) Try: Running the installation from a command prompt, this may provide additional information:

msiexec /l*xv c:*_install.log /i *.msi

/l <logfile> enables logging to the specified file. In this example, oci_install.log is the log file created on the root of the C: drive.
/* logs all information, excluding the verbose (/v) and /x (extra debugging information) options
/v logs verbosely
/x logs extra debugging information
/i installs the specified package. In this example, *.msi is the package being installed.


3) Check the Windows Event logs, particularly the Application logs, for MsiInstaller-related events that may provide more information about the failure.

Other rule-out steps we can think of:
1) check space on local disk 
3) Stop anti-vrius software temperorily and run the install




I am having the same problem on Win10.  Does anyone know the fix?


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