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Cloud Insights Basic Edition is live


Last year, we proudly announced the general availability of NetApp Cloud Insights. Today, we are continuing that journey to provide the ultimate monitoring and optimization tools with our announcement of the general availability of the Basic Edition of NetApp Cloud Insights.


What is the NetApp Cloud Insights Basic Edition?

The Basic Edition is designed specifically to monitor and optimize your NetApp Data Fabric Assets. It provides advanced analytics for the connections between all NetApp resources (including HCI and All Flash FAS (AFF)] within the environment free of charge.

The deployment of the Basic Edition will follow the same rules as the Standard Edition, with a few remarkable differences:

  • Data retention for the NetApp Cloud Insights Basic Edition is 7 days
  • Infrastructure and storage metrics will be gathered for NetApp only
  • VM (on NetApp HCI) and Cloud Metrics (Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Volumes Services, as well as Azure NetApp Files) are only supported on NetApp
  • Topology View is only supported for NetApp Assets



  • Datasource_add.pngSubscription.png

Start your free Basic Experience now and sign up here.


Re: Cloud Insights Basic Edition is live


Do you know when Cloud Insights will support NetApp HCI 1.6?  After upgrading I get the following error on the data collector.


Configuration error: Failed to acquire HCI auth token: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Re: Cloud Insights Basic Edition is live


we do support mnode version 11.3 but you need to add some additional information (see picture) - which is finally two IP addresses:

  • mnode IP address
  • vcenter IP address 




does this help?

View solution in original post

Re: Cloud Insights Basic Edition is live


Thanks for the response.  When I went to edit the data collector I found the MVIP and MNODE were set to the same IP address.  Once I changed that, everything started to work.

Thanks for your assistance.

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