Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights + HPE Nimble...


We are working to extend our existing HPE Nimble support to additionally support "federated" clusters consisting of multiple HA pairs of controllers. Currently, if you were to create a CI HPE Nimble collector and point it against the cluster management IP address of such a cluster, we will fail to discover the cluster with an error message about contacting support.


If you would like to discover such a cluster, send me a private message here, or email to ostiguy at netapp dot com   - we can patch your CI environment with newer Nimble code that will allow discovery of these configurations. Consider this "early access" to an enhancement that will go to all CI tenants in a month or two.







Just to put a bow on this - this support is now part of Cloud Insights, as well as additionally supporting iSCSI for both federated and basic HA pair Nimble configurations. Previously, for iSCSI configurations we were not bringing in the iSCSI masking, sessions, network portal information that would allow Cloud Insights to build a path from the host to the volume accessed via iSCSI.