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Need help in finding the available iops for storage pool using OCI API


I installed and Configured OCI for Netapp Arrays. I am able to get the cosumed iops of storage pool by using "/assets/storagePools/23/performance". How ever it's not showing the allocated iops for storage pool. Could any one help me to get the alocated iops of storage pool using OCI API?



Hi Sambasiva,


I must admit, I'm a little puzzled about what allocated IOPS might be. I suspect it could be something guaranteed towards a host or consumer. If so, without really looking at the available counters, I kind of doubt we have anything of the sort on pool level and maybe not even on (internal) volume level. In any case, the query you are using should give you all the counters that we have in OCI. If you also want the history, simply extend the query with adding /history to the end - but that wasn't really the question here.


Yes Hotz,


Allocated iops means, the number of iops we are guaranteed to the customer. For example we will create a volume on particula pool by using some QOS policy, then we will promise the customer that you can get some number of iops. I want to get that number on pool level. 


@hotz do you have any solution for this question?


I don't believe we collec that counter. Certainly not on pool level.

Unfortunately I'm not intimately familiar with ONTAP counters, but this sounds like it could be part of Adaptive QOS, wich works on flexvol level. I believe we have made some recent improvments in OCI to support Adaptive QOS, but since I don't really know if perfromance guarantees are a part of that and if they are if we really collect the necessary information with OCI, I'm a bit hesitant to say something that may turn out not to be true. I'm pretty sure we can't model this on pool level though.