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Is there any way to enhance Raid level in CVO?


I know disks in CVO are configured as RAID-0, and assume I am using single node of CVO without HA.

To increase redundancy, can I  somehow change the RAID-0 to RAID-1 (MIRROR) OR add two use two such AWS disks to form the RAID-1?





The underlying system has redundancy already. Mirroring disks in the same instance will not really help much. If the instance has a failed disk that cannot be recovered it’s likely that both disks will fail at the same time since they are on the same virtual storage. Creating an HA partner in a different zone will provide redundancy if something fails. CVO storage controllers still need backups to recover from worst case scenarios just like on premise equipment.


Thanks for replying!


We are using CVO for NFS/CIFS volumes in AWS for EC2 accesses. In terms of backups, I am thinking of two methods:
1.  Using NetApp Cloud Backup, to back up NFS/CIFS volumes into S3, then if aggregates in CVO or CVO itself got crashed, I can re-create them, and restore volumes from backups in S3. 

2.  Set up a backup server in AWS, and using whatever backup tools to backup NFS/CIFS on client level. In case failure of CVO, we can recreate CVO, and then restore volumes from backups.


Are these two options valid, and any other options? 


#1 Should be enough.   Just make sure to talk to NetApp Cloud Team to give you any caveats on that setup (e.g. RTO/RPO, procedure on restore, etc)


I probably still wanted to have #2 as the other option, because it is no extra cost for running a 3rd party backup tool to back up NFS on the client. We have to pay for Cloud Backup. Make sense?


If running a backup server (assuming this is an ec2 server) and using a 3rd party backup tool is cost-effective,  then you are good.


I have THREE more follow-ups, if you or somebody here can please let me know:


1.  From CVO itself, is there any way I can know which AZ is this CVO located?

2.  If I use Cloud Backup to backup NFS data from CVO to S3, is this S3 located in the same AZ, or could it tolerate the AZ failure? If not, then all data would be gone if AZ is not available in the worst cases.

3. If I have two CVO's in AWS, can I use SnapVault to backup NFS data from one to the other?



Can somebody please advice on my three questions above?


Cloud Volumes Service for AWS docs

Within each AWS Region, S3 operates in a minimum of three AZs

CVO is like any Ontap. You can use SnapVault.


never mind