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ONTAP Cloud for Azure (CIFS)




I'm looking into ONTAP Cloud for Azure (has to be Azure). Has anyone used it for a CIFS implementation?


It's lacking HA/cluster capability, are there any other major features relating to CIFS that are not there?


What has your general experince been like?








I've tested it extensively.  If you know how to work around cDOT very well, you will enjoy it


We are currently in the middle of a POC.  Using CIF's has been tricky.  I could not setup CIFS initially due to SMBv1 being disabled on our AD Domain controllers.  I'm told that this is not required, but I can tell you first hand that it won't work if you don't.  Finally got past that.  My main complaint is that you can't bond interfaces, so I'm suck with a 1Gb connection.  This has really created problems for block based storage like iSCSI or even NFS.  I have added multiple interfaces which I'm told is "not supported", but it works fine.  As a basic CIFS/SMB server it performs in much the same way you would expect from a NetApp.  Everything seems to be really slower in the cloud.  Much of this has to do with the host machine size you run this on.  You can change it if you want, or can afford, something larger.  It feels like the product is pretty new and support is still learning as well. 


- 2 cents